Freight Factoring News: Small-Business Confidence Index Down in Q1.

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Small-Business Confidence Index Down in Q1

New research shows that small businesses are beginning to feel much less confident than in months past, which has affected cash flow since there has been a significant increase in customer requests to pay late during the first quarter of this year. Specifically, small business confidence experienced a moderate drop in the last few months, and confidence has continued to drop to its lowest rating since August 2006. And a staggering 76% of small businesses feel that economic conditions are not improving. Most business owners are citing increased energy costs primarily due to rising fuel prices as the major culprit.

The good news is: We can help. As we all know, cash flow is one of the most vital elements in the survival of a business, especially during difficult economic times. You can enhance your cash flow with freight bill factoring from When you can predict or even control your cash flow, you are in a much better position for continued business success even during an economic downturn.

Although today’s economic news can be cause for concern, this should not stop you from trying to look for opportunities for stability and growth. Practice caution, but always be optimistic about positive changes and be open to opportunities that come your way.

Remember: The economy as a whole is generally out of your control. Still, you should keep in mind that things are what you make of them.

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