Freight Factoring News: What to Tell Your Clients When You Decide to Use Factoring.

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What to Tell Your Clients When You Decide to Use Factoring

Through years of experience we understand that one of the biggest questions business owners have about factoring is: "What do I tell my clients?" or "How do I let my clients know that a factor is involved?"

This boils down to a real concern that clients may get confused or misunderstand the factor's role.

At, we have come up with a few tips for what to say to your clients to make them comfortable with your decision to factor your accounts receivable invoices.

Most importantly, this helps to position your decision properly right from the start.

  1. Factoring with helps me to expand my business by enabling growth.
    Factoring invoices (accounts receivable) to is a standard business practice for many companies. It's important to know that our business is not in trouble, but growing. Factoring with is fueling that growth by accelerating my cash flow.
  2. Your day to day contact with our Company will not change.
    I will continue to be the person you contact regarding project related issues.
  3. Your payment terms will stay the same.
  4. Working with is simple.
    You will receive invoices that involve Instead of mailing a check to our business, you simply redirect payment to

It’s just like anything else in business: you set your client's expectations. How you choose to deliver the decision to factor your invoices will shape how your clients perceive the news. And to your clients: it's just business as usual, except for where they send their payments.

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